HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Cabell County Community Services Organization is giving back to its senior citizens, holding one of their most highly anticipated giveaways.

“It’s been something that the community they always want to see and they’ve been anticipating it for quite some time,” said Charles Holley, executive director for CCCSO. “To have something like this that we can provide for the seniors is a real big benefit for us.”

Hundreds of cars lined up for the opportunity to receive their farmer’s market vouchers, with around 400 vouchers being passed out in one day.

“There’s so many out there that are needing help and see I’m one of them,” said attendee, Cheryl Rogers. “Knowing that someone’s out there to really do good for you and help you when you do need help, it’s like, I’m very appreciative of the help.”

The vouchers are worth $30 and can be exchanged for fresh locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious goodies.

“It just helps out, you don’t have to spend your income for some of the vegetables that you buy and you know anything helps out,” said attendee, Stanley Bare.

This week they will distribute around 900 senior farmer’s market vouchers.

“It helps a lot,” said attendee, Glenna Mclain. “I’m on a fixed income. The people who are on a fixed income, the produce has gotten so high that you can’t really afford it.”