LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — An investigation of money mismanagement looms over Logan County as three different volunteer fire departments are still under investigation.

Now, taxpayers are looking to the Logan County Commission for answers.

During the commission meeting Monday, while they couldn’t speak on the investigation, the commission did say they are taking swift action to ensure this does not happen again. This includes who can handle the money.

“We are going to have a person go out and check this with an accountant hopefully going to the 12 fire departments and sending the information to the accountant to pay the bills and everything,” said Logan County Commission President Danny Godby Monday afternoon.

Before this, the funds each department received would go straight to the volunteers, giving them control over the finances. However, after recent events, they are now rethinking this procedure.

“It’s disappointing to me that we have this mishap, this wrongdoing. Now, they’re not going to get their money unless they go through this. This proper procedure,” Godby said regarding the new procedure.

The commission also promised that “every penny (of the misused funds) will be accounted for.” This new procedure is expected to make sure the funds allocated to these departments are used for their intended purposes.