MINGO COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — A Logan County lawyer was arrested Tuesday for impersonation of law enforcement and driving under the influence, according to the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

Deputies said Mark E. Hobbs, 69, as well as Joanna Deloach, of Logan, were arrested.

Hobbs’ criminal complaint said the vehicle Hobbs and Deloach were in had a “white capsule” and a “white powder” on the dashboard.

According to the criminal complaint, Hobbs had a pill bottle of tramadol hydrochloride, a pain killer, and $108. Deloach had lorazepam and siazepam, both anxiety medications, and $612 in her pocket book. All medications are schedule IV controlled substances, the complaint said.

Hobbs told law enforcement that he had a firearm in the vehicle, according to the complaint.

It said law enfocement found an unidentified pill and a wallet that had a Logan County Prosecutor’s badge. Hobbs is not a Logan County Prosecutor, according to the complaint.

There is a law office in Chapmanville called Mark Hobbs Law Office.

Hobbs was charged with DUI, possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy to delivery controlled substance and impersonation of law enforcement, according to the MCSO. The complaint said Hobbs is also charged with conspiracy. Deloach was charged with possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver controlled substance.