GREENUP COUNTY, KY (WOWK)—A man accused of shooting a police officer has signed a plea agreement.

According to Greenup County Circuit Court, Jonathan Smithers signed a plea agreement saying that he will plead guilty to the following charges:

  1. Attempted murder
  2. First-degree possession of a controlled substance
  3. Criminal possession of a forged instrument
  4. Resisting arrest
  5. Second-degree felony offender

The plea agreement says he will serve life in prison after entering the plea.

Back in early May, Flatwoods PD responded to a suspicious person call in the area of Walnut Street in Flatwoods, Kentucky. It was there that Jonathan Smithers allegedly shot Flatwoods police officer Tommy Robinson in the neck. Robinson was hospitalized for several days.

Smithers is expected to enter this plea in court on August 11 at 9:30 a.m.

Flatwoods Police Chief David Smith says Tommy and his family, as well as the department, are satisfied with the plea agreement reached in this case.

“I think everything went great, as long as everything continues in Circuit Court and through the federal system,” said Chief Smith. “The way it’s planned he’s expected to take pleas there too. Hopefully everything continues the way it’s going.”

As for Tommy’s recovery, Chief Smith says he still has long road ahead of him.

“He’s still making some progress,” said Chief Smith. “It’s really slow progress. He’s doing physical therapy, he’s dealing with a lot of pain from nerve regrowth and he’s going to be dealing with nerve issues for quite some time.”