UPDATE (2:42 p.m. on Monday, May 23): A man is facing 10 different charges after driving his car into a Dairy Queen in Scott Depot on Saturday night.

According to a criminal complaint, troopers responded to the Dairy Queen at 4254 Teays Valley Road in reference to a motor vehicle accident.

A Kia SUV had been driven into the building and was trapped in the kitchen area of the Dairy Queen. Casey Matthew Oxley was the driver of the vehicle. When asked if he drove the vehicle into the building on purpose, police say that Oxley said, “yeah.”

The criminal complaint also states that Oxley shoved an EMT worker when he was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Upon arrival at CAMC to be treated for his injuries, Mr. Oxley allegedly struck an emergency room doctor in the face with his palm.

Police determined that five Dairy Queen employees were in immediate danger when Mr. Oxley struck the building.

Jeff Diehl, the owner of the Dairy queen said the building was supposed to be packed with people for the reopening of their dine-in area, but luckily before the crash, they changed the date to Monday, because they thought it would be too packed on Saturday.

“We just have to look at the bright side,” said Diehl. “Nobody was hurt, which is unbelievable. I mean the idea that you could do that much damage and everybody is okay is pretty awesome on the positive side of things.”

Diehl said if the dining room had been open, it’s likely people would have been hurt or even killed. He said with the damages, their reopening is no longer a possibility.

“We remodeled everything,” said Diehl. “Everything was brand new, so we couldn’t wait to debut it and now we’ll do it again. We will have to have another debut with brand new everything because its all gone.”

Oxley was charged with five counts of attempted malicious assault, one count of battery on a healthcare provider, one count of battery of emergency medical personnel, one count of assault on emergency medical personnel, and one count of reckless driving.

Oxley is being held at the Western Regional Jail on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

SCOTT DEPOT, WV – Crews are investigating a crash that happened at Dairy Queen in Scott Depot just before 7:30 p.m Saturday.

According to West Virginia State Police, 40-year-old Casey Oxley intentionally drove through the restaurant.

Oxley was combative and taken to the hospital.

An employee who was working at the time tells 13 News that it was intentional, but isn’t for sure.

Oxley is being charged with five counts of attempted malicious wounding.

The restaurant is heavily damaged with fuel inside.

Nobody was injured.