MASON, WV (WOWK) – According to West Virginia State Police, the body was found in a secluded area along the road in the 600 block of Carson Road around 5:20 p.m. Tuesday March, 8. Troopers say they did not release the information at that time due to the circumstances of the investigation.

An autopsy has been completed, and troopers have identified the victim as John Michael Gomez, 30, of Middleport, OH.

Gomez’ body was found on Rhonda and Ed Carson’s property, in a ditch alongside the road.

Rhonda tells 13 News the body was initially found by a man who was checking on some property he owned in the area, and a UPS driver Tuesday evening.

Rhonda says she had driven by the spot a few hours earlier in the day, and had not seen anything amiss.

However, she says they were later told the body could reportedly be easily spotted from their road.

She says the police told her they suspect Gomez had died in another location and was dumped from a car on their property – only around a football field’s distance from their front door.

“Well we didn’t really know what to think. There was just a lot of activity down at the bottom of the hill and they closed the road so nobody could get through…Usually, things like that don’t happen out in this neck of the woods, cause we live kind of…out,” Carson says.

Rhonda and Ed also say the police tell them he appeared to have sustained a beating.

State police have not confirmed these details, and are still investigating.

Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to contact the West Virginia State Police at 304-675-0850.