HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The city of Huntington has offered several resources to help with flood cleanup efforts after the May 6th disaster. Now, Marshall University is stepping in to help with other needs.

Marshall university’s spring semester has ended. This means the recent “Green Move Out” event, which is used to collect donated items from students’ dorms, stocked the campus thrift store.

The store received 60 bins of donated items that would normally only be used by students on campus. However, the university decided that for one day they’d allow any flood victims to shop in the store, but with one catch. All the items in the store were completely free of charge.

We spoke with shoppers who were affected by the flood and some say seeing the aftermath was disheartening. “I’ve never seen it like that. My grandfather said, the 1990s was the last flood in his house, but it wasn’t as bad as it was this time around,’ says Huntington resident Laura Schaffer.

After all the recent support and uplifting events from the community, residents like Schaffer say it helps them move forward.

It really means a lot, my mom said that she is so blessed to live in such a good community. And have all these people reach out. Even people she didn’t think would reach out, reach out. Be of help and offer their services any way they can.

Laura Schaffer, Huntington resident

However, many say they’re still concerned about “What’s going to happen next?”

I spoke with Huntington Mayor Steve Williams’ Office about long-term plans to prevent this from happening again and they say they are not releasing any plans at this time.

During the Huntington City Council meeting, the mayor did speak on what residents can do to help bring in federal funding, including completing an “online, individual assist damage assessment survey.”