CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall University’s flight school welcomed the arrival of their first-ever multi-engine aircraft, the Piper Seminole.

“Today is all about adding that key aircraft to our new fleet,” said Bryan Branham, Chief Instructor of Bill Noe Flight School.

It joins the three single-engine airplanes they already have.

“The key part of this is the airport transport pilot certification, and what that means is that this is what’s required for our future graduates to go to the airlines,” said Branham.

This is a special type of plane because it’s the first of its kind and will help pilots advance their education and training. This plane took three years to get. Bill Noe, Aviation Specialist with the Bill Noe Flight School flew this plane all the way from Vero Beach Florida to Charleston’s Yeager Airport and landed to snow flurries and green and white confetti.

“They’re almost identical. You have a transfer of knowledge from one plane to the other. The aerodynamics flight characteristics are completely different,” said Noe.

This new plane will allow the 24 students that attend this flight school to advance their pilot training and education. With the newness of the Marshall flight school, Noe says this is just one more stepping stone for future generations of pilots to come.

“I’m so humbled and I’m just so full of great privilege and pride that Marshall has a flight school and for it to be named after me is just… growing up in West Virginia and going to Marshall, not in my wildest dreams would I ever think something like this would come to fruition,” said Noe.