CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — On May the Fourth, or “Star Wars” Day, Coal River Coffee Company will take part in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. Customers dressed in costume or ‘Star Wars’ apparel will also get a discount on May 4.

Michael Ervin from Coal River Coffee Company says since the pandemic, many people have realized they experience or someone they know faces mental health issues. Ervin wishes to use “Star Wars” Day as an opportunity to provide those individuals with hope.

“And so what we’re trying to do with ‘Star Wars’ Day is bring awareness to that fact, that it’s normal that people are struggling and that there is hope,” Ervin said. “Because ‘Star Wars’ is a story about hope, and so we wanna just kinda make that what this is about.”

Ervin said one of the main values at Coal River Coffee Company is community. He said he hopes “Star Wars” Day will encourage people to get out and about in their community and interact with others, something that many have been afraid to do since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now we’re in a place where it seems like it’s safe to come outside again,” Ervin said. “It’s safe to come back to some type of new normalcy. And so that’s our hope, that tomorrow we can inspire people. It doesn’t have to be at Coal River Coffee, but it can be anywhere that they’re going to be connecting with other people and maybe having a conversation.”

Coal River Coffee Company launched its mobile service, The Drifter, for the very reason of getting back into the community in a safe manner while the pandemic continues.

The coffee company also has its brick-and-mortar location in St. Albans at 64 Olde Main Plaza and a second shop in South Charleston at 2000 Union Carbide Drive.

During “Star Wars” Day 2022, the community can support Coal River Coffee Company and its mental health support efforts by visiting one of their locations or purchasing bagged coffee on their website.