CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – There’s one thing most people want to see on the Fourth of July… fireworks.

“You can’t think of the Fourth of July without thinking of fireworks,” said David “Pete” Ferrell, professional concert pyrotechnic.

While many are watching the Regatta firework show from afar, Ferrell, otherwise known as “Pyro Pete,” has other plans.

“Every 2.4 seconds is going to be a shell going off, and that’s fast so it’s just going to be boom, boom, boom, all the way through the show,” Ferrell said.

For 23 years, setting off fireworks has been his job, but he says it hasn’t always been easy.

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears, a lot of bad shows, problems and you learn from those things and pretty soon, you get to where you don’t have problems and mistakes, and everything is good,” Ferrell said.

While it’s not your typical day job, Ferrell has been into fireworks his whole life. Now, so is the whole family.

“The whole family is in it. My oldest son, my youngest son, my wife, everybody is involved in it from the whole family,” Ferrell said. “So, it truly is the Ferrell family fireworks.”

If you’re wondering how he coined the name “Pyro Pete,” he said, “As I got older, all the local fire captains and state fire marshals and everybody because my name was Pete and I was doing Pyro they kind of hung Pyro Pete on me and it stuck.”

With even more fireworks than any other Regatta night, Pyro Pete assures everybody it’s going to be a great show.

“I think everyone really liked the display Saturday night so they’re going to love this one,” Ferrell said.