POMEROY, Ohio (WOWK) – Howard Mullen has lived in Pomeroy, Ohio all of his life. He graduated from Pomeroy High School in 1946 and absolutely adores this community and the people, which is why he continues to serve them after 67 years.

Howard has just been named Ohio’s longest-serving officer by Attorney General Dave Yost.

Upon high school graduation, Howard went on to study accounting at Ohio University. He did not complete his degree for health reasons, but came back home to work at Kyger Creek Power Plant in Gallia County.

Soon after, in 1951, he began work as a first aid, receiving his EMT certification and then in the following year, joining the Pomeroy Fire Department.

In 1953, Howard then became a deputy with Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and for the last 17 years, has also volunteered at the North Fort Myers Fire Department while away on vacation during the winter months.

“It’s just something that you like. Just something about it. It’s in your blood,” said Howard.

At 91 years old, Howard now volunteers when he can, riding along with deputies and assisting on various tasks and assignments.

Fellow officers explained that Howard attends all the training sessions and stays up to date with skill requirements.

Sgt. Donald Mohler with the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office said that he and Howard a few weeks back were responding to disturbance complaint. When they approached the home, a woman opened the door with a gun in her hand. Howard was the first one to notice the gun and alert Sgt. Mohler.

Aside from serving, Howard remains active in the community and is a familiar face amongst the residents.

“He’s out for all the parades. He has an antique car that he runs in the parades. He’s been involved with the fire department in the past. He’s just a community servant and that’s what he loves,” said Mohler.

Howard is also semi-active with local EMS crews.

He believes staying active and doing what you love is the secret to a long and healthy life.

“You will die sooner, because you lose interest. You sit all day watching TV and stuff like that, I honestly think that’ll take X amount of years off your life. I just don’t want to slow down anymore,” said Howard.

Howard has no plans to retire completely from his line of work. You can catch him riding around town from time to time in his 1947 Ford.