MASON, WV (WOWK) — Memorial Day weekend is always a time for us to pause, honor and say thank you. Right now, there are plans for a permanent reminder that those sacrifices should be remembered year-round.

“Mason County does not have a memorial,” said Mason County Veterans Committee Vice President Brent Clark. “It is a nice fit to be able to do that to make sure they are honored and recognized.”

Volunteers like Clark say the memorial will honor all Mason County veterans from World War I through present day.

“The first phase of it will be to honor the guys who didn’t come back home,” explained committee President Steve Halstead. “The second phase will be the walls with the names of our men and women from World War I up to present day that have served.”

The project has attracted a great deal of support from the community already. It will be situated in Mason next to the Bridge of Honor.

“I hope it will be an educational piece for one thing and something they can really come and see the numbers,” Halstead said. “We had 2,200 residents men from World War II and women that went off to fight. That is pretty remarkable, about 10% of the population at that time.”

They estimate the project will cost around $500,000 and they are giving the public an opportunity to get involved. People can donate toward the memorial using different sponsorship levels. Leaders of the project say it will be a place where the community can come to say thank you.

“You know a lot of people don’t have the freedoms that we do and the fact that they were willing to serve means a lot,” Clark said.

You can follow the progress of the project here.