KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – There’s an effort to breathe new life into an old West Virginia Turnpike tunnel by using it to grow mushrooms.

“We’ve been fighting the cold, the heat, everything all year round, and this will alleviate a lot of that and help us grow and create more jobs so we’re very excited for this opportunity,” says George Patterson, the owner of Hernshaw Farms.

Hernshaw Farms has been growing mushrooms for a couple of years and has been looking to expand.

The Memorial Tunnel is currently state land where the West Virginia National Guard utilized it for training purposes.

Brigadier General Bill Crane says it can serve better purposes.

“He came in here, sat and we talked about it. Great young man, great idea and has now turned this into a business and we want to be a part in helping him be successful, because if he’s successful the state’s successful,” says Crane.

And this is just one of the ways the state is using old resources and giving them new life.

“Trying to repurpose, reuse and reduce so what we’ve done is moved from mine sites growing in shipping containers and growing dirt to here where we’ll really be able to increase that output and turn a lot more mine land to farmland so we’re really excited,” says Patterson.

“Trying to bring the productions of fruits and vegetables, back into the state. Farming is what we started out as and now we’re getting back to that,” added Crane.