MILTION, WV (WOWK) – A member of the Milton City Council is speaking out in regard to questions about the water quality problem in the city.

According to Milton City Council member Dakota Miller, the city has neither accepted nor rejected an offer from West Virginia American Water. Miller says the city council is “simply looking for more information” before discussing the matter further.

This statement comes after special Milton City Council meeting Monday, Oct. 17 in which several residents inquired about the city’s water quality. That meeting ended abruptly after multiple residents asked questions about the city allegedly refusing a proposal from WV American Water during a previous meeting.

Original Story – During a special Milton City Council meeting Monday evening, residents filled the room, looking for answers to their current water quality problem.

Several residents inquired about the city’s water quality, saying it’s gone downhill, with reports of brown coloration and residues left in sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

However, the meeting ended abruptly after multiple people questioned the city council’s decision to refuse a proposal from West Virginia American Water during their last meeting, which many who attended felt was a good offer.

Milton resident Kelsi Miller tells 13 News that West Virginia American Water “more or less, offered the city $10 million, offered to pay off all of their existing debt, and offered to hire all their current employees and pay them more.”

Miller goes on to say Mayor Tom Canterbury has continued to refuse offers from the water utility.

When Miller was questioning Canterbury during the special meeting asking “Why are we not interested?”, he refused to comment and attempted to end the conversation multiple times. Canterbury even motioned for law enforcement to be brought in.

The officers called into the meeting did not take any action against anyone in attendance and no arrests were made.

Shortly after, the meeting was adjourned.

Many in attendance said they feel switching to a new company, like West Virginia American Water would be an improvement for residents. However, instead of getting the answers, they were looking for, residents say they were left confused and frustrated.

“I’ll be honest with you, to me that’s the most frustrating thing because he’s an elected official and he owes his constituents answers,” said Milton resident Ann Sansom.

After the meeting, WOWK 13 News did attempt to talk with Mayor Canterbury and other council members about the issues brought up, but they declined to comment at that time. No action was taken regarding the water quality issue.