CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — On Wednesday, the Cabell County Board of Commissioners held an emergency meeting with the Board of Canvassers after finding more than 50 misplaced ballots.

There were a couple of races that were close on those unofficial primary results, but those misplaced votes didn’t change any of the outcomes.

It all started when an employee at the clerk’s office realized Tuesday morning, that a locked box of absentee ballots was misplaced and therefore not counted.

Wednesday afternoon, the Board of Canvassers and County Commissioners gathered to count those 54 absentee ballots, three of which were voided due to being post-marked past Election Day.

Cabell County Clerk, Phyllis Smith said it all came down to human error.

“We know that that should have been back here, but our employees are tired,” said Smith. “We’ve worked a lot of hours. Election Day, we worked 17 hours and the day before, we worked 12.”

However, since the mistake was found, everything has been handled properly and all the ballots have now been counted.

“It was handled the way it was supposed to be handled,” said Smith. “You know all of the ballots have been counted. That’s what we want, to make sure all of those ballots got counted. We never thought to not count them. We want everybody’s vote to count.”

Smith said an investigation through the Secretary of State’s Office will be done, but she will cooperate and be transparent throughout the process.

“The counts are all done electrotonically,” said President of Cabell County Commission, Jim Morgan. “There is nothing nefarious intended. The votes are all as should be.”

Going into the November election, Smith said she feels confident in her staff and doesn’t feel any changes need to be made to the process.