HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) – Communities all across the Tri-State are stepping up to help in any way they can for flood victims in Eastern Kentucky.

The Hurricane Fire Department has already shipped out 13 pallets of vital items to some of the area’s hardest hit by the devastating floods. They are collecting everything from water and non-perishable food to baby items and cleaning supplies.

In addition, the Hurricane Police Department has donated one of their cruisers to Letcher County after they lost several of their own vehicles. Lt. Ryan Hale with Hurricane Fire and Rescue says it doesn’t matter that the help is needed a great distance away, they wanted to show that its important for communities to support one another in times of crisis.

“Show that we still care and we’re all humans and we want to support each other and that throughout struggle, you can find strength. And I think that this has been an absolute amazing effort from local business to a local person that just lives downtown that wants to help out,” says Hale.

Hale says so many people have stopped by to drop off items.

“We’ve had plenty of people say they have family from there or they’re from there originally so they wanted to help and we have people who have no ties there whatsoever and just wanted to help and be a good Samaritan. So its really nice to see the human condition back to where it should be.”

The Hurricane Mobile Infrastructure Response Team has also sent out nine people to help restore water and power to homes in Eastern Kentucky.

The Fire Department will be collecting donations until 6 p.m. Thursday before they make another shipment.