RANGER, WV (WOWK) – Residents of Ranger Bottom Road in Ranger, West Virginia tell us they do not have access to the internet, phone service, and, most importantly, water.

Recently, brush fires ripped through the area, and being without water caused issues for the fire department. The fire hovered above several homes in the area. For some residents, this was too close for comfort.

We just had a major fire and almost lost some homes because there was no water down in there.

Ron Baker, Ranger Bottom Road resident

Many say this was unexpected and because of an ongoing water issue, fire crews had to “get creative” by filtering water from one neighbor’s pond. Neighbors say the main issue is they don’t have a water line that will reach every home along the road.

Thursday night, the Lincoln County Commission held a discussion on the subject. Commission member Dr. Charles Vance says a project to fix the issue is being processed at this time.

We have just received last week the application for funding for that project. We’re basically waiting for the prosecutor to look at it and say it’s a fundable project.

Dr. Charles Vance, Lincoln County Commission Member

The plan presented by Branchland Midkiff Public Services would run the water line across the river and under the railroad tracks adjacent to the properties. Then, the main access point would be located at the end of Ron Baker’s property.

This would allow other homeowners to tie into it through smaller lines. The project is expected to cost around $230,000 and is currently under review.

However, some neighbors believe there is a better plan that would cut costs significantly. Their plan involves placing the line along the road and connecting directly to the homes, cutting the cost by nearly $150,000.

An engineer looked into this option, but rock layers underground initially eliminated it. However, residents believe there is another route that avoids the rock.

This plan would need to be approved by an engineer. The next step for these residents is to attend the Branchland Midkiff Public Services meeting on April 11th, where they will present their plan and request an engineer to take another look at the property.

Baker says while having the main access point on his property would be convenient for him, it’s all about getting water to the entire community.