HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshal University has put together a Title IX task force following the recent student-organized rally on their campus.

The rally was in result of a former Title IX sexual assault case that students say they believe was swept under the rug.

Tuesday, the rally-organizers were at the student center speaking to other students about their opinion on the current state of Marshall’s title IX office. Next week, they will take those thoughts into the first official meeting involving the task force.

Some of the students who organized the rally are members of the new task force, as well as some faculty and staff members.

Students say they’re hopeful of what will come of this.

“So far they have been so much more transparent with us about what’s going on, which is great, and they came up with the idea themselves to have a student-led task force,” said Bex Law, a student representative on the task force. “So, I think that was the first point of progress in this movement, and we’re just hoping to keep that ball rolling and get more openness, more transparency and more efficiency in the office.”

“I think we’re kind of in the hole right now, so anything would be progress, but what would be the biggest progress is if students feel like they can go to the Title IX office and be respected and treated fairly,” said Emma Rau, another student representative on the task force.

The university says they are still working to appoint more people, so more information will be released sometime before the first meeting.