CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia’s new law that protects the coal and natural gas industries is suddenly getting nationwide attention.

The law targets banks and other financial institutions that are defunding investments in coal, oil and natural gas.

Those banks are also not loaning fossil fuel companies money, either. So, the state has already stopped doing business with five banks including Chase and Wells Fargo.

“There’s a conflict of interest there. We can’t have banks handling our dollars that are generated from the fossil fuel industry, while at the same time, trying to diminish those funds. Essentially, we’re not going to pay for our own destruction. We’re not going to subsidize that. We’re not going to allow them to weaponize our own money against us,” said Treasurer Riley Moore, (R) West Virginia.

But the tough stance is having some impact. US Bank, the nation’s fifth largest, says it will now comply with West Virginia’s new law, and will not target the fossil fuel industry.

Other states considering a similar law include Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma.