CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Midian Leadership Project, a group devoted to developing community leaders, recently finished renovations on its community center.

The “Midian Safe Haven” is located on Charleston’s West Side across from the West Side Middle School along Park Avenue.

Last year, the Midian Leadership Project received a $165,000 grant through Lowe’s Hometown Initiative to complete renovations. Turan Rush, the COO of the Midian Leadership Project, said the funding went towards building a weight room, education room and conference room.

“We want this place to be a safe haven. We want this place to be a place where you don’t have to be around all the crazy stuff in the community just come and hang. We’d rather for them to be here and be safe knowing that they have somewhere warm, somewhere comforting to be themselves and grow.”

Rush said he’s hoping the Midian Leadership Project, which started back in 2018, will continue to have a positive impact on Charleston’s youth.

“It’s not about how many kids come here every day because Monday we might have 30 kids, Tuesday we might have 10,” Rush said. “It’s about who we’re helping [and] how we’re helping, specifically on what they need help with one-on-one. It doesn’t matter about helping 100 kids because helping that one kid one day could change their life.”

The “Midian Safe Haven” will be open Monday through Thursday from 2:45 to 8 p.m.