CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin and CPD Chief Tyke Hunt swore in eight new officers at City Hall on Monday morning. The group is the second-largest number of officers hired in the last 20 years and brings the Charleston Police Department to 168 of their 173 officers allotted.

One officer stands out in the list of names sworn in — that is 41-year-old Candace Rose from Beckley, West Virginia. Out of the eight officers, Rose is the only woman that was sworn in, and she is 17 to 23 years older than her male colleagues. But instead of letting gender or age define her role as an officer, Rose is reminding herself and others that she deserves to be exactly where she is at.

“It’s a little intimidating, but I just have to remind myself that they chose me for a reason,” Rose said. “I know I have a lot to prove, just like with everybody else. It’s intimidating enough to be with a bunch of males, and then you couple my age. But I am physically fit, and there is always room for growth no matter what your age, minority or diversity is.”

(WOWK 13 News file)

Below is the list of all eight officer’s names, ages and where they are from:

  • Candace Rose — 41 years old from Beckley, WV
  • Owen Holstein — 20 years old from Alum Creek, WV
  • Walter Evans II — 22 years old from Charleston, WV
  • Colby Woodall — 18 years old from Man, WV
  • Breden Huber — 24 years old from Springfield, OH
  • Logan Knapp — 19 years old from Hurricane, WV
  • William Simmons — 23 years old from Advent, WV
  • Chase Stover — 23 years old from Elkview, WV

These officers will start training on Tuesday with the Charleston Police Department Training Division. Through this training, officers will be prepared for West Virginia State Police Academy and help them adjust to the law enforcement protocol specific to Charleston. After passing a state-required fitness assessment in January, the officers will complete 15 weeks of training at the West Virginia State Police Academy. In addition, they will attend a 20-week Field Training Program where they will be observed by CPD supervisors.

One more officer will take the oath of office in December once other obligations are met.

CPD Chief Hunt said the department appreciates all its officers and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed in protecting and serving the city of Charleston.

“Our recruitment officers have been hard [at] work finding the best possible candidates to join the Charleston Police Department,” Chief Hunt said. “We view every single one of our
officers, from these eight new officers to our most senior officers, as family and we are thrilled
these eight individuals have chosen to make public safety in Charleston their life mission. We will
provide them with everything they need to be successful.”