BRADENTON, FL (WOWK) Many people in the Tri-State have friends and family living in the areas impacted by Ian.

Nitro resident Joann Cook is staying in Bradenton, FL to be closer to her daughter. Cook described what it was like to be in the path of the storm Wednesday night. She said the closest thing she’s ever seen to what she witnessed with Ian, was the derecho that hit West Virginia in 2012.

“We decided that we would stay and ride it out,” Cook said. “Our decision was pretty much made when we saw it was going to take a right turn and go south of us.”

Thursday morning after the sun came up Cook witnessed things that she said are unforgettable. She shared video and pictures showing what she’s been seeing.

“Hurricanes are not fun. They are very scary. The wind is very scary. I thought the wind was scarier than the rain because the rain is driven sideways so you don’t really see how hard it is raining because it is kind of being blown everywhere,” Cook said.

Cook said by far the most impactful sight she’s witnessed is a line of emergency vehicles headed to help those in some of the worst hit communities.

“We drove up the interstate to pick up something from a friend and we’ve been passing emergency vehicles headed to the Fort Myers area,” she said. “There were a lot of emergency vehicles like ambulances. One right after the other with their lights on. And you know that just gave you cold chills and made you thankful for being safe. We are really concerned about those people and our prayer go out to them.”