SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – What if we told you you can travel back in time, right in Charleston, West Virginia? Well, the T-Rex Science Center in South Charleston does just that.

The vision for this museum was simple.

“To spark the imagination,” Director Scott Breeden said. “You know a lot of the times we get in tunnel vision and if its outside of the box we don’t really think about it. So this kind of gives them a little bit of a taste of something else.”

The museum runs as a non-profit and is operated by volunteers. And John Carr says that his passion for paleontology is what drives him to volunteer there about 40 hours a week.

However, unlike small businesses, non-profits, are not receiving any money from the government. Breeden is hoping that changes.

“I think Congress is trying to bring some money to help non-profits to kind of bridge the gap right now, but right now it’s just kind of all donations and all volunteers trying to help out and keep it afloat,” he said. 

He is hoping that the museum will survive COVID-19, and not become extinct; so that volunteers like Carr, can continue their dream, and people can continue to learn.

“It takes compassion, it takes dedication … You just really have to be dedicated to a place like this.”

John Carr, Volunteer