HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Hosting large community gatherings was nearly impossible last year. Now, communities are coming together to spread positivity during these tough times.

At the J.W. Scott Center in Huntington, members of the community decided it was time to bring area residents together and bring back “community and culture.”

The Positive People Association has been working to build up the community with events that showcase the arts. Recently, the non-profit has assisted in projects like the “3 building mural project.”

While this weekend’s event was about creating a positive outlook on the community, the organizers also wanted to highlight health concerns. Cabell-Huntington Health Department Public Health Nurse Nicole Jackson set up a booth offering free blood pressure exams and other health information.

We have some things here about emergency preparedness, which is something that everybody needs to know right now with things changing day-to-day as they are. Just want to help the people be prepared.

Nicole Jackson, CHHD Public Health Nurse

Raising awareness for other health concerns, such as the pandemic, was also a major element. The non-profit is working on projects including providing services for teens to experience the media arts.

Events like this are designed to help them branch into interests they wouldn’t normally think about.

For our after-school and summer programs, we can raise resources to get computers to use where they are working with technology. It’s just kind of bringing hope back here.

Norman Branch, Positive People Association director

All the proceeds from this weekend’s event will go toward more positive projects in the future.