HURRICANE, WEST VIRGINIA (WOWK) — November is National Foster Care Month, which is an effort to raise awareness for the more than 100,000 youth in foster care across the country.

Unfortunatly, West Virginia is one of the leading states for children in the foster care system per capita. So local non-profits are trying to help.

“The primary goal for foster care is for children to be reunited with their families. But the secondary goal is  permeance for adoption. That’s why we talk about foster care and adoption hand and hand and the need for more families in West Virginia,” said Kylee Hassan, the Markecting Director with Mission West Virginia.

Currently, in West Virginia, there are more than 7,000 children in foster care, and of that 2,500 of those kids are legally eligible for adoption.

Mission West Virginia says for all those children waiting to be matched with their adopted family, the best way to connect them is through word of mouth and education.

“It get people talking that the average West Virginia families can do this. It is possible for West Virginians to foster or adopt. That is what mission West Virginia is here to do, to help them through the process and see what the best fit is for their family,” said Hassan.

Mission West Virginia acts as a first step for those interested in foster care or adoption in the state. They help connect residents with agencies and assist the family through the entire process.