SOUTH POINT, OH (WOWK) – Some Ohio residents claim to have been receiving fake checks in the mail appearing to be from a company in Pennsylvania, Marano Plumbing.

Some checks have reportedly been almost $2,500 and local Ohio officials are urging residents to be aware and take precaution.

“If you’re getting a check from someone that you haven’t worked for or you haven’t claimed or anything like that, it’s going to fraudulent in hopes that you cash it into your bank account so they can get access to your routing number and account number.”

Cody Pennington, South Point Police Department Sergeant

He says, luckily, they haven’t received any calls on this situation yet, but calls about scams in the area are not uncommon.

How often are scams reported?   

“It’s about once a week at the lowest and sometimes it can fluctuate [and] we’ll get two to three people a day. It’s just when they hit, they hit hard and kind of catches the people off guard,” says Cody Pennington, the Sergeant for the South Point Police Department.

He says the department has picked up on a few trends these scammers are targeting.

Who’s the typical target in these cases?   

“They’re using a lot of social media nowadays. The older folk on social media and whatnot, they’ll get messages [saying] ‘Hey you want to give away…,’ ‘go to your local Walmart,’ ‘go to your local gas station and get us a Nike card, eBay card, Walmart card, load money up,’ and they’ll want you to send it to their account for you to receive your lump sum of money. So, that seems to be the trend right now here locally and it’s tough to catch,” says Pennington.

He says he urges residents to be aware because after the check is cashed, “there’s really nothing [the department] can do.”

He also says to always check with your bank before ever cashing an unusual check so they can provide information on its validity and ff you receive a check that you believe to be fraud, first check with your bank and then follow up with your local police department so they can further investigate.