LAWRENCE COUNTY, OHIO (WOWK) — A company in South Point, Ohio that was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from customers, has a long list of similar complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Ohio’s website. 

In recent months, most of the complaints against Shield Roofing and Construction have been the same — with customers saying they paid upfront, but no one showed up to do the work. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, a grand jury indicted the company and its two owners Luis F. Escobedo and Jose H. Cabrelas for stealing from customers earlier this year.

The indictment claims the individuals lied to at least four different customers. One of them was the Union Baptist Church, which lost $6,700 dollars in cash. There was also an elderly couple that lost more than $14,000.

The Better Business Bureau website lists these actions against the company and emphasizes that the company is not accredited by the BBB, despite a claim by the company that they were back in July 2022.

The attorney for Shield refused to discuss the case, and WOWK 13 News has not been able to reach the owners.

Cabrelas and Escobedo are due in court on Wednesday, Oct. 26, for their arraignment.