CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) The Charleston Sternwheel Regatta officially kicked off Thursday in the Capitol City with events going on all over town. One of the first major events was an outdoor wrestling show at Slack Plaza.

It isn’t every day that you see good old fashioned professional wrestling in downtown Charleston. There were cheers and boos as wrestlers fought in front of fans.

“Charleston is a wrestling city dating back to the Jim Crockett promotions at the Coliseum to all the local promotions who keep that spirit alive week in and week out here in West Virginia,” said wrestling announcer Adam Harris.

Pro-wrestling groups from across the state worked together to host the show in the unique outdoor setting. The event attracted the attention of a diverse crowd.

“It is always good. You love these festival type shows. All of the fans circling in and out and stuff, it is a good way to get it in everybody’s view that normally wouldn’t be at a show,” said wrestler Drex Dyer.

Other participants agreed that the event was a great way to help more people see what local wrestling has to offer.

“It makes it fun especially drawing in new people that have never seen the product before and when they finally catch the product its like ‘where have I been all of my life to not see this amazing thing called pro-wrestling’,” said wrestler Zaiden Kayne.

Those who came out for the show said it was a great way to kick off the return of the Regatta.

“I’m excited to show them all about the Regatta,” said LeaAnn Smith, Charleston, WV.

There are multiple other events planned at Slack Plaza over the next several days.