CHESAPEAKE, OH (WOWK) – Students in Chesapeake, Ohio will see metal detectors in the buildings this coming school year. This is after the Chesapeake Union Exempt School District was awarded a safety grant.

This will be a new addition to the other safety precautions the schools have initiated, like making guests buzz in, showing IDs before entering, and, on the front doors of Chesapeake Elementary, Middle and High School, you will see a sign that says “gun free zone.” 

Parents in the community say they welcome the change.

“Being from a bigger town originally, I’m used to it, we’re used to it. So, them putting it in the schools isn’t a big surprise to me. Most of the time places that bad things happen with weapons or guns, nobody expected it,” explained Amanda Heitz, a mother.

Other people in the area say this is long overdue.

“I think it’s a great idea. I think there’s too much gun violence going on right now. I think they should’ve put them in a long time ago,” said Kasey Bowersmith.

Another resident, Harry Tyree, says this is a great move on the school’s part and they should now initiate other changes like mandating clear backpacks.

“The clear plastic ones so you can see what’s inside. Even going to the ball games and that type of thing with adults. You know what’s going in and what’s coming out,” Tyree says.