HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – An investigation is underway on a middle school principal in Cabell County. 

The principal of Huntington East Middle School, De Morrow-Perry, allegedly called female students to the cafeteria to talk about the dress code.

Parents and students say she told female students “not to report unwanted sexual conduct if they dress suggestively.”

Parents in the community took their concerns to Tuesday’s Cabell County School Board meeting after hearing about the incident.

“You can’t victim blame. You can’t teach these young girls growing up that that’s okay. And you should never be uncomfortable to tell a staff member at your school if something’s wrong,” said one concerned parent who wanted to remain anonymous.

Parents say some of those students made a point to note boys in the school weren’t given the same guidelines and say their children were upset to be singled out.

One former student I spoke with said this is not out of the ordinary for the current principal.

“Even when I went to school there, she was always like that. She made the girls feel less about themselves. She would single us out in front of the whole school and be like ‘alright you should be wearing this,’ and it was just embarrassing,” said Ryan Zirkle, a former Huntington East Middle School student.

The school and principal were contacted about the allegations, and we received no response.  

Some parents are now calling for the principal to be let go.