CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – From the angle of the fiddle player’s head to a hidden detail in the back pocket of the banjo player there are many elements to the new, towering pieces of artwork in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.

Slack Plaza is a little more colorful with the installation of the brand new pieces created by an artist from Pennsylvania.

The giant sculptures were brought in from artist James Simon’s studio in Pittsburgh on a flatbed in hollow pieces. They were then put together once they were in Charleton and filled with concrete.

Wednesday crews put the hats on the pieces. Simon said he wanted to capture the music of the Mountain State.

“I work almost the way actors and actresses work,” he explained about the creative process. “I listen to lots of music, Appalachian type music, while I am making them, and it kind of gets in my blood.”

He comes from a musical family but sculpting is his passion. He has worked in cities throughout the United States and Europe. Most of them have subtle and fun details.

The one in Charleston has a red dog named Ruth and there is a dog treat hidden for her in the banjo player’s back pocket.

“Especially kids love seeing big dogs,” he said. “I do too. Everybody does actually.”

He had never seen the pieces all together until they were put in place at Slack Plaza.

“They are made in halves so I actually never see them as complete works until they are installed. So it is great to see them,” Simon said.

After spending months getting to know the characters brought to life from his imagination he said he is excited to share them with the people of the Capitol City.

“You know I have done public art for a long time and really for me I like to create work that goes on the streets that is for everyday people that pass by and that is accessible to everybody,” he said.