HUNTINGTON, W.Va (WOWK) – There was a lot of excitement on Friday night in Cabell County, as Cabell-Midland and Spring Valley High School battled it out on the football field with the winner punching a ticket to the state finals, but the energy for this big game spread well beyond the field.

The game between the two powerhouses wasn’t just big for the players it was also big for the families. Dawn Baumgardner, whose son Tyrus plays for Spring Valley, said football has been the talk in their house all week long, including Thanksgiving Day. 

“This is their big challenge, and he (Tyrus) knows they (Spring Valley) have to get past this to get where they want to be (state championship),” said Baumgardner. 

The Spring Valley Timberwolves went 12 -1 during the regular season and looked unbeatable in the playoffs. Hayleigh Christoper said that if her brother Luke’s team lost on Friday night the rest of the holiday season will be tough to enjoy. 

“It’s going to be pretty bad. . . long drive home,” said Christopher. 

However, Baumgardner who was sitting next to Christopher in the stands felt pretty confident about Spring Valley’s chances on Friday night.

“We are not going to have that tough ride home,” Baumgardner said with a chuckle and smile on her face.

On the other side of field Travis and Christina Schmidt’s son Chandler plays for the Cabell Midland Knights, and they, too, felt good about their team’s chances. 

“This is probably the best solid team that I have seen out there. The kids really support each other. It’s been fun,” said Travis Schmidt. 

Christina Schmidt added that the internet and social media have been going crazy this season with the team being so good this year, and it’s great to see so much support from the community.

The Knights went unbeaten during the regular season and had an impressive playoff run. The Schmidt’s said when their son and his team take the field they let them know they are there, and this Friday night was going to be no different. 

“I’m not going to say we don’t scream. We do yell and scream a little bit,” said Travis Schmidt. 

Baumgardner said her family also gets pretty vocal in the stands, and they too were pretty amped up for the big game Friday.

“We might not want to go there. . . we get pretty competitive,” Said Baumgardner with a chuckle.

At the end of the day, there can be only one winner, and the team moving on the play the winner of Martinsburg and Parkersburg South is Cabell- Midland, who beat Spring Valley 31-0 nothing on Friday Night at Cabell-Midland High School.