POCA, WV (WOWK) – A man says he has been unable to leave his home for weeks after his area flooded.

This man has been trying to get help for weeks to be able to leave his home, but so far nobody has been able to help him.

From across the creek, Mike Meadows stands and waves from his house on Heizer Creek Road in Poca where he’s been stuck for about two weeks.

“We stay stocked up. Living in the country you learn to do that and just making do,” Mike Meadows said.

It’s a good thing he knows how to survive in hard times.

“If one of our places catch on fire, the fire truck can’t even get over here to us,” Meadows said.

A couple of weeks ago, a heavy flood came, and ever since then his driveway that’s usually only about five to six inches deep, is now deeper than a pool around five feet.

“A dam’s formed down below my property and it’s holding all the water back,” Meadows said.

The problem isn’t just about him. It’s about his sister Cindy, who lives next door and is bedridden.

“If she has an emergency nobody can get over here to her,” Meadows said.

The only way to get on the other side of the creek is to walk across this footpath and then trudge it through the snow about a quarter of a mile to get to their houses.

“I’ve called the DNR. They directed me to the department of highways. I called them. They came and looked at it and said they couldn’t do anything cause it’s too far off the road,” Meadows said. “They directed me to the Army Corp of Engineers. I called them. They can’t do anything without federal funding.”

Meadows hopes to find anyone that can help him and his sister from drowning.