POCA, WV (WOWK) – Help has arrived for a Poca man trapped in his home due to high water. It’s a story 13 News first told you about on Friday.

Mike Meadows was trapped in his home for weeks after recent weather caused a dam in the creek. “I need help. I need somebody to come up and get this dam out of the creek,” Meadows pleaded on Friday.

After our story aired, help soon arrived early Monday morning. “County commission approved it and here we are with construction being done behind me to get in and remove the debris,” said Mikyle White, the Emergency Management Director for Putnam County.

White says once he got wind of meadows situation he knew something had to be done.. so took the matter to Putnam County Commission. “Worked on it Saturday and Sunday getting it in place and signed agreements and here we are this morning contractors started at 8:15 this morning,” says White.

And it’s not just Meadows who was trapped, his sister Cindy who lives next door is bedridden so its crucial emergency vehicles are able to have easy access to their homes.

“This was an emergency situation. We have some homeowners that are dealing with some medical issues. One of the residents is bedridden so it was a situation we had to get to quickly,” says Andy Skidmore, the Putnam County Commission President.