PORTSMOUTH, OH (WOWK) – As a result of months of hard work and quite a bit of community support, skaters in Portsmouth, Ohio no longer have to travel far for a good session.

The project was just an empty field in October 2021. Six months later, area skaters say the new Weghorst Skate Park is one of the best in the area.

It feels amazing to skate, it’s one of the best skate parks I’ve ever skated.

Jacob Krafthefer, local skater

Portsmouth Mayor Sean Dunne has been pushing for the project since the idea was first brought to his attention. Fortunately, the city was awarded grants totaling around $340,000 to make this a reality.

The main goal was to offer something for people of all ages to enjoy and the result was exactly what they were hoping for.

Early on in the project, the tony hawk foundation said every skate park seems to surprise people just on how many skaters there are in the area.

Sean Dunne, Portsmouth Mayor

Skaters we spoke with say this is more than just a new skate park, it’s a “community brought together.”

Former Cincinnati Bengals player Ickey Woods was also at the celebration signing autographs and meeting with the skaters.