CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The St. Marks United Methodist Church, hosted one of the many vigils taking place across West Virginia praying for democracy.

Those in attendance advocated for equal voting rights and vocalized their support of the “For the People Act.”

People of different backgrounds and faiths passed through to pray both at the church, and virtually.

Multiple faith leaders spoke at the vigil and they said there is power in prayer and that their goal is to give all voices an opportunity to be heard in our democracy.

“This is an issue that affects every single person,” said Cindy Briggs-Biondi, Pastor at Saint Mark’s United Methodist Church. “We’re better together and when we’re looking out for one another. The voices that often get squashed or suppressed, you know as a faith community this is something that we have to lift up.”

The prayer will continue on now until their vigil service that will take place here at the saint marks united methodist church at seven.