MEIGS COUNTY, OH (WOWK)—The second man accused in a murder case out of Meigs County, Ohio went before a judge on Thursday just after a third person was arrested in the case.

Jason Simpkins’ heart broke when he learned his cousin Kane Roush was murdered. “It’s been a lot of emotions for over a year now and we know it’s going to be a long process, but at the end of the day we just want everyone brought in we want that true closure.”

He was in court on Thursday along with Kane’s family as Keontae Nelson, one of three men charged in the case, went before a Megis County judge.

“We’ve spent a lot of man-hours in this case, putting it together making sure everything is correct that we’ve gathered so it’s taken a long time to get this together,” said Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood. “We’re happy that we got this, maybe at least getting closer to closure for the family.”

The case, which started early Easter Sunday morning in 2021 when Kane Roush was shot and killed, has picked up speed in the last two weeks.

Just Wednesday night, a third man, Richard Walker, was charged in the case. Jaquan Hall was arrested a few months after Kane died.

Just justice that’s what we want just so the family can move on that’s the main thing,” said Simpkins. “Nothing’s going to be the same but we just wanted to get to a place where we can begin to have some peace and closure.”

The community where Kane was well known on the football field hopes for closure.