RIPLEY, WV (WOWK) — Principals are sharing school safety precautions after the Texas mass shooting Tuesday.

“It’s devastating,” said Jimmy Frashier, Ripley High School Principal. “You know, you hate to see that from anything, and then you always think back to our kids here and how we would handle those situations.”

The mass shooting has people questioning if it could happen here. Frashier says one of the best resources they have is an armed officer on duty.

“I think that’s the top key,” Frashier said. “I really do. Not only just his presence, but the relationships he has with our students.”

Their second line of defense is making sure all visitors are approved before entering the building.

“Standing behind me is like a mantrap where all of our visitors would have to come in here and buzz the office before they’re allowed to get into our school,” Frashier said.

Students also practice lockdown drills during the year. Stepdad Wayne Britton says a mass shooting never happened when he grew up, and he thinks it would not happen if old ways were still taught in schools.

“Lack of discipline in the school, and they took the bible out of the school,” said Wayne Britton, a student’s stepdad.

Britton says proper gun training could be the solution to the problem.

“People hate guns,” Britton said. “I understand they do, but if they teach them the right way to handle a rifle or a pistol and what not to do, it’s a lot better than the federal government trying to take all the rights of the NRA away.”

The principal says the prevention resource officer goes over to the elementary school and checks on the kids often to make sure things are okay.