PROCTORVILLE, OH (WOWK) – A man from Proctorville, Ohio, is praising a local police officer he says went the extra mile when his electronics were stolen out of his car.

The victim, Darren Bishop, says nearly $3,000 worth of gear was stolen from his parked car right outside of his home. He says he didn’t notice his car had been broken into or that the items were missing until he was almost an hour into his drive to work.

Bishop then spoke with neighbors in the area and realized this same thing had happened to a few of them as well.

Sergeant Woodyard with the Proctorville Police Department started an investigation residents in the area contacted authorities regarding the break-ins. Authorities say two teenagers have since been arrested in connection to Bishop’s break-in and other break-ins in the area.

“I would like to thank Officer Woodyard for putting in the effort to get my gear back. He was amazing. Really the whole reason I got my stuff back was due to him,” Bishop said. “I’m feeling really good. I can get back to work. This is another income for me.”

Some of the residents impacted by the break-ins were also able to get some of their stolen items back.

Now the Proctorville PD is urging people to keep their doors locked and to make sure all valuables are secured.