February is Pediatric Dentistry month and a local dentist office has a unique way of keeping it’s tiny patients calm and comfortable.  

Young Smiles in South Charleston has  a new employee. While he may be a bit unconventional, he makes all the difference in his patients lives. 

Tucker is a one year old labradoodle. Dr. Martin and her family adopted the puppy late last year. 

“You could not ask for a better dog,” Dr. Martin told 13 News. “We will bring him in when patients are having a hard time and you can literally see the anxiety and worry melt away.” 

He’s always in the office, making his rounds and checking on patients. 

“It doesnt look scary at all cause i have a puppy by my side,” said 7-year-old patient, Caydn. “Now I like coming to the dentist cause I like dogs and Tucker makes me more brave.” 

Tucker is currently working on his certification to become a therapy dog.