RAND, WV (WOWK) – Backed up storm water is something people in Rand say they’re all too familiar with, but now they’re saying that storm water is contaminated with sewage.

Mack Reed, a Rand resident, says he and someone who works in the field tested storm water this week to see if it was contaminated.

“The gentleman said if it comes up this color [yellow] and starts bubbling, which you see it is, it is contaminated with sewer water,” Reed said.

Now, he says he’s concerned for the entire community.

“That’s not healthy for kids or anybody,” he said. “That’s not just affecting us. That’s affecting the whole community and these kids walking in the water.”

Residents like John Smith, who has lived in Rand for over five decades with his wife Barbara, say they’re also worried.

“It concerns me that I raised a son and grandson in that environment, and it’s hard to tell down the road what effect or if any it’s going to have on them,” he said.

Reed says this is the first time he’s tested the storm water so he doesn’t know how long it’s been like this.

With the community already facing flooding issues caused by a damaged storm water system, residents are urging for help before more problems arise.

“I wish it were different, I wish I could get some remedy, some relief, help, whatever you want to call it, but I don’t anymore expect anything. So, if I get anything it’ll be a blessing,” Smith said.

13 News reached out to the West Virginia Department of Highways, who is in charge of fixing the damaged storm water system, and they said, “Potesta and Associates, our engineering consultant on the project, has plans under development now.”