JACKSON COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—Mark Miller graduated from Ravenswood High School back in 1979, and he wore his class ring proudly for just two months before it was lost.

Fast forward 43 years to when Phillip Schwartz’s metal detector located a golden object in the fields across the street, where Mark played soccer in gym class.

“That was the first ring I ever found that was gold, and now I got to give it up! But that’s ok because it does me no good in my little ring collection, but it does his heart so much better,” says Swartz.

Miller’s ring was buried just an inch below the ground.

The initials M. Q. M. were engraved on the ring and with this information the community started to track down Miller.

Miller’s mother also passed away in 1979. Because of this, he had to miss his senior yearbook picture, making it especially difficult to find him.

With help from the community, contact was finally made by Ravenswood history teacher, Chase Jarrell.

He says, “I got on the phone with him and asked him, hey this is going to be a weird question, but this guy came to the high school saying that he found something behind the church at the end of the block of the high school… and he said my class ring!”

Miller says he is very grateful to all who helped return his beloved ring.