SCOTT DEPOT, WV (WOWK) — Months after a driver crashed into his family-owned Dairy Queen, Jeff Diehl is still picking up the pieces.

“You can’t beat a better place to have a bad accident, and everyone’s been really supportive,” Diehl said. “We have people that are just patrons that will come by frequently and just see if they can help us pick up some stuff.”

The summer heat has community members anxiously awaiting the reopening, which he said is set for mid September.

“Everybody is looking forward to getting their Diary Queen back,” said Dairy Queen lover Scott Haddox. “They are part of the area, part of the people that live here.”

Eager customers said they make sure to drive past this spot weekly just to check on the progress.

“I see the family out here working. The dad, the son, the grandson, they are all here working everyday trying to get reopened,” said Scott Depot resident Nick Husson.

Nick Husson, owner of Husson’s Pizza understands how hard it is to run a restaurant, even in the best of times. Like everyone else, he says he’s counting down the days until he can enjoy his favorite blizzard.

“My grandkids come in to visit from out of state, and they always look forward to walking down to Dairy Queen,” Husson said. “Just people all around here, that’s what you do on a warm evening, you walk over to Dairy Queen. There is several hundred houses in walking distance here.”