CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Tuesday Sept. 13, 2022 marked 13 years since Charleston Police officer Jerry Jones was killed in the line of duty.

Jones was with a group of officers responding to a call that turned into a pursuit. He was hit by friendly fire.

Jones, who was also a Marine, was 27 years old.

Tuesday Charleston Police Chief James “Tyke” Hunt said:

“Losing a fellow officer is different, and it leaves a lasting impression. Being one of the largest police departments in the state we become used to seeing officers come and go as they retire or resign. That’s the inherent nature of our profession. The difference in losing a brother or sister in blue is the memories that come every time you walk past where they used to sit at roll call, or see the car number they used to drive. These nostalgic moments give you brief, yet vivid, moments that take you back to your last time with the officer you worked with, the one that never made it back home.”

Charleston Police Chief James “Tyke” Hunt