LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — A preliminary crash report by the National Transportation Safety Board suggests that a Huey helicopter may have hit two power cables before crashing into a rock face in Logan County.

The report says both cables were “fractured consistent with tensile overload and were displaced toward the main wreckage…”

A remaining cable was about 180 feet above the ground.

Investigators also say they found damage to one of the chopper’s two rotor blades, and the cabin and cockpit were both consumed by a post-impact fire.

Six people were killed in the June 22 crash.

Attorney Ben Salango, who represents the family of one of the victims, said his clients are seeking answers most of all.

“They certainly want to know what happened to their loved one. They want to know why something that was supposed to be a fun event ended in such tragedy, and that’s what we all want to get to the bottom of,” he said. “These families want closure and accountability.”

Salango said the family has not filed a lawsuit yet, and if they do, it’s unclear who it would be against.

“There certainly are a number of entities that could be involved, including the owner of the utility line, so we want to make sure that we have the exact entity that owned the utility line in addition to those that owned the aircraft and others,” Salango said.

The flight was associated with an event organized by MARPAT AVIATION who failed to comment when we reached out.

As for the NTSB, they say the report speaks for itself.