HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — When it comes to these dangerously hot temperatures, the first thing many of us do is crank up our fans and air conditioning to stay cool. But, with power outages across the region, some are unable to do that.

Residents tell 13 News they are having to come up with creative ways to beat the heat, which include turning to their cars for A/C and to charge their electronics.

Many families in our region are now reaching almost 24 hours with no power and they say, with temperatures in the 90s, the heat has been unbearable.

With my neighbors being elderly, not everybody has somewhere to go, you know, to get out of this heat. You know not everyone has someone they can call and just go to their house and with us having two dogs, it’s hard to find someone to let all of us come over.

Kyra Evans, Huntington resident

With hot temperatures continuing throughout the week, those without power say they are hoping to not have to spend another night without power.