KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Charleston residents took part in a public meeting on Monday regarding the dangers of leaking abandoned gas wells that could potentially be making residents on Crouch Hollow Road in Charleston sick.

David Bentley moved to Crouch Hollow Road in 2016, and he says that his health started deteriorating in 2017. He says he started rapidly losing weight, hallucinating, and experiencing neurological issues.

Bentley says he kept getting sicker, and noticed his neighbors were experiencing similar symptoms. He became concerned and started researching what could be the cause of this mysterious illness in his community.

According to Bentley, he discovered there are multiple abandoned wells, or “orphan wells,” surrounding his community. He claims these wells are leaking dangerous chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide, into his community and making people sick.

“I feel that the Federal EPA needs to step in and take immediate emergency action to find out what’s going on here,” says Bentley.

Bentley says that he has reached out to several state agencies for testing, but says he has not received the help he needs. He says he hopes this public meeting will get him and his community the help they are seeking.