LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A community in Logan County is making way for new growth through the removal of old and dilapidated buildings. This week, two dilapidated buildings on East Stratton Street in Logan were torn down.

Some residents told 13 News they’re happy about the progress, even if it means they have to say “goodbye” to places that used to mean so much to the community.

“I’m glad to see some of the hold stuff go,” said Barney Goins, Logan resident. “It hurts, but it’s time.”

According to residents, one of the buildings was residential, but the other was an old commercial building that people referred to as “The Gold and Blue.”

Goins has lived on East Stratton Street over four decades, and he said “The Gold and Blue” used to be a restaurant that teens would hangout at. However, he said that was decades ago, and it’s time for both buildings to go.

“Having lived here all my life, this was a community that I drove through back when I started driving when I was young. It was really a nice community, but we do have to make way,” Goins said. “It would be nice if ‘The Gold and Blue’ was still standing, and we had a restaurant there, but it’s not. It’s time that we move on.” 

According to officials, the property was bought by “PRIDE Community Services,” a nonprofit organization, and they were in charge of the demolition.

There is also a separate statewide program called the “Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program.” Last year, Logan County was among 21 West Virginia communities to receive grant funding through REAP.

Logan County was one of three communities to receive the maximum grant of $1.5 million to remove dilapidated structures throughout the community. Several residents told 13 News that they’re hoping to see that project also come to fruition soon.

“If you were to go and look at it, part of it is falling down, out back the doors are torn off the hinges, the windows are open,” said Goins. “Of course there’s trash and furniture in bad shape that has also dilapidated; so, it’s time.”

One woman whose lived on the street her whole life told 13 News it’s not the same as when she was growing up. She hopes these projects will bring renewed life to the area.