BOYD COUNTY, KY. (WOWK) – Snow is hitting our region and many people across the Tri-State are gearing up for the winter weather, and to do that many residents hit the grocery stores.

The FoodFair in Ashland is one of many around the Tri-State seeing a rush of shoppers, and workers said they sold twice as much as they normally do Wednesday.

Shoppers said it’s all about grabbing those essential staple items, and the store says the most popular items being taken from the shelves are milk, eggs, bread, and meat.

“This is our first big snow of the year, so I just came out to get a few things in case we can’t get out tomorrow,” said shopper Cathy Shavers. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, you just never know,”

The store said they were completely wiped out of their rock salt supply and that they are still seeing a steady flow of shoppers Thursday as people continued to prepare for the winter weather.