RIO GRANDE, OH (WOWK) – The University of Rio Grande was granted 270 acres of land from the Bob Evans Corporation.

Now, in partnership with The Ohio State University, they are providing new class options to students.

Some of the new courses include animal welfare and behavior, feeding management, and the science of meat quality.

They are hoping these classes will teach students to work on/run their own farm, as well as providing the opportunity for students to acquire other careers like engineering.

Rio Grande officials say it’s time students locally have an opportunity like this.

“There’s not a lot of agricultural opportunities for our students. We have a lot of agriculture throughout the region, so now they have a local option to stay close to home and learn about something they love,” says Ryan Smith, the President of Rio Grande University and Rio Grande Community College.

Bob Evans’ children were in attendance of the announcement ceremony and agreed their dad would have been proud of this partnership.

“Dad worked often with Ohio State. He tapped into the Ohio State Professors often for their knowledge on these items. Sometimes he agreed, sometimes he disagreed. Sometimes he learned, sometimes they learned. They worked together and so this really is about that again, so it’s wonderful and I’m just looking forward to the growth of this program,” explained Evans’ daughter Debbie Donskv.

The universities say they will start the new programs in the fall and look forward to growing them in the semesters following.